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5 Reasons for a Bathroom Remodel

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Is your bathroom decorated with tiles that were once fashionable but now look outdated and unsightly? Do the cabinets appear to have deteriorated after so many years of use?

The bathroom is essential to your health and enjoyment, but its importance is not always reflected in the space it occupies. It's an annoying limitation that many homeowners struggle with all too often. But what about remodeling? Chances are, you have not given much thought to remodeling your bathroom.

For most homeowners, their bathroom is much more than just a place to shower and shave. In today's world, the bathroom can be a sanctuary of sorts, an intimate space where you can relax and escape the pressures of the outside world.

Although the bathroom is an extremely important room, homeowners rarely give it the same attention as other rooms. They often live for years with a bathroom that does not meet their needs, dreading the worst-case scenario that comes with high costs and significant inconvenience.

They may even spend a small fortune on a bathroom remodel that drags on for months. However, when you work closely with an experienced bathroom remodeler, it's possible and even easier than you ever thought it would be to plan a renovation strategy that works with your budget and your schedule.

Here are the five most compelling reasons to start planning your bathroom renovation immediately.

1. Add More Space

The typical size of bathrooms has increased in recent decades, much to the delight of homeowners everywhere. But for those who are content with older, too-small, or problematically designed bathrooms, the cramped conditions are often reason enough to tear down walls. But it's not always necessary to go that far to create more space.

Sometimes a shorter way is enough. There are many methods to maximize every inch of available space when you have the proper assistance of a bathroom remodeler, such as the expert service offered by the professionals at Brower Construction.

2. Embrace Change

The things that matter most to you as a homeowner will change over time and as your circumstances evolve. For example, when children come into the scene, the bathroom you once loved may prove inadequate for your needs. Or, if you are looking forward to retirement, you may want to adapt your bathroom to the upcoming stage of your life.

No bathroom is ideal for everyone. The most important question you should ask yourself is, "What would be ideal for me now and in the next 20 years?" If unsure, you can discuss this over the phone with a bathroom remodeler or schedule a consultation with a provider online/in person.

3. Repair Damage

Even the most meticulously designed bathrooms will eventually fall victim to problems such as mold and mildew, rot, and decay if they are frequently and continuously exposed to high humidity and moisture.

Of course, repairing water damage usually requires significant demolition work. But there's an upside: homeowners facing extensive repair work are often motivated to undergo a comprehensive renovation, which is a great way to start with a clean slate. By combining practical design principles with the best modern materials and the assistance of a professional bathroom remodeler, you can ensure that your bathroom looks its best in the future and lasts as long as possible with minimal maintenance and cleaning.

4. Reduce Your Water Use

The bathroom sink and shower account for nearly half of the total daily water consumption in an average household. Recently, a variety of water-saving toilets, showerheads and faucets have been introduced to the market in an effort to reduce household water bills and, of course, conserve a valuable natural resource. A bathroom remodeler can help you make the best choice.

You can expect a lower monthly water bill if you choose fittings that have been tested and validated for performance. This way, you'll no longer have to worry about wasting water. The savings may not seem like much individually, but over time, they add up.

Here are a couple of crucial water-saving tips to take into account when redesigning your bathroom:

Install a Water-Saving Toilet as a Starter

By replacing an old, inefficient toilet with a new, water-efficient, low-flush model, you can significantly cut your water use as around 30% of the water used in a home is flushed down the toilet!

Evaluate Your Tub Needs

Some of us just love to take a good bath to unwind from the stresses of life. If you are a true bath addict who wants to take a bath every night and can not help it, it's worth investing in a water-saving bathtub. A 10-minute shower (with a low-flow showerhead) uses about 25 gallons of water, while a regular bath uses up to 50 gallons.

A water-saving bathtub is a clever creation designed to conform to the shape of the human body. It can be tilted so that most of the water is retained in the upper body area while there is still enough water for the legs in the leg area of the tub.

5. Remodeling as an Investment

The homeowner must invest thought, time, and, most importantly, money to complete the remodeling project. The important term in this context is "investment." Remodeling a bathroom usually yields one of the highest returns on investment (ROI), but that is not true for all home improvements. Most homeowners can recoup more than half of the total cost of a bathroom renovation when they sell their property.

The only catch is that the quality of the work done has to be very good to make a renovation worthwhile. For those who are not the most ambitious or skilled DIYers, that means bringing in a professional bathroom remodeler to get the job done.

Bottom Line

If you don't like the look of your bathroom, then perhaps the only way to make it meet your expectations is to gut and remodel it completely. However, there are many scenarios where minor improvements can go a long way and make a big impact.

In either case, regardless of the scope of the project you ultimately want to undertake, be prepared to navigate a virtual sea of alternatives. When you work with a company like Bower Construction, one of the benefits is that rather than sending homeowners to the showroom, we bring the showroom to the homeowners. This makes the process extremely convenient and allows you to feel completely confident in your selection. We cover a large area, including Rittenhouse Square and Washington Square West.

Contact us today for an expert bathroom remodeling consultation.

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